How We Charge

Below are the Charges:


1) Shipping & Service Fee

*Customer is entitled to enjoy offer/promotional products if our open spree’s shopping date falls on the offer period. 
Kindly understand that the shipping and service fee is charged according to the usual price NOT the offer price. 


Kindly note that percentage is only a guideline.

Shipping&Service charges will include and depend on item’s size, weight, packing & labor needed, insurance cover, shipping cost, delivery etc..


Do send us your order/shopping list for quote.

We will always do our very best to give you the best price.

You may decide if to proceed order after quote.


2) Handling Fee
– RM10.00 for total items weight below 10kg and less than FIVE item(s)
OR – RM20.00 for total items weight above 10kg or more than FIVE items


3) Special Handling Fee and Insurance
– For certain item(s) which requires special handling and insurance, additional fees will be charged. Fees charged are subjective and varies accordingly to the item(s). Should the item(s) have such fees, it will be included in the quote.


4) Collection
– Free Of Charge for collection within 7 days of item’s arrival
– RM10.00/per day for Storage fee from 8th day onwards


*Optional Delivery/Assembling/Labor is chargeable if needed.

Kindly let us know if these services are needed during quotation enquiring.
Client may pay cash for these services upon receiving.

4) Minimum Charges:
– Minimum Shipping & Service fee for per order is RM55.00.

– Minimum Shipping & Service fee charges for per item is RM2.50 or RM3.00 for fragile item


Example 1:
Item 1:
301.577.92 – HENXVIK Wardrobe, white – RM469.00 – Weight: 51.1kg – Ship&Service: RM93.90
Item Price + Ship&Service + Handling Fee = Total Payable
RM469.00 +RM93.80 + RM20.00 (above 10kg) = RM582.80
Example 2:
Item 1:
901.616.73 – LACK Side table, black – RM29.90 – Weight: 4.3kg – Ship&Service: RM12.00
Item 2:
501.695.34 – MAMMUT Children’s table, light blue – RM119.00 – Weight: 4.5kg – Ship&Service: RM23.80
Item 3:
602.434.73 – SKUBB Box, turquiose/3pcs – RM49.90 – Weight: 1kg – Ship&Service: RM10.00
123.456.78 – ABCB Place Mat – RM4.90 – Weight 0.1kg – Minimum Item’s Ship&Service: RM2.15
Item Price + Ship&Service + Handling Fee = Total Payable
(RM29.90+119.00+49.90+RM4.90) +(RM12.00+23.80+10.00+RM2.15) + RM10.00 (below 10kg) = RM261.65
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